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Gaïa Sin Phonic - Bottom Line

Feel the pressure
Experience stress
For life, is a dramatic race
Try to reach the top
While the others let you down
By trying to take your place
Never change your ways
Don’t act like them
It could only make it worse
What you project
affects the world around you

Verse 1
Imagine a light so bright
It could lighten the whole world
Prevent the fears and the pain
AND Stop the blood from our wounds
And save the one you love
from this world in peril
No more hunger, no more disaster
Soldiers returning home
As they realize
They have, no enemy
And no purpose to kill
At all

Chorus 1:
OH! That’s the bottom line
I can’t take it anymore
This pressure you put on me
hAs made me lose control
It’s a shame
But he don’t mind
Oppressing everybody
For his precious, MONEY!!!!!

Verse 2
Imagine a world so dark
Where people die in strange ways
Anger leads your choices in life
Your profits made YOU lose your mind
This time I will show you
what I’m made of
Anything to reach their goal
They are about to make me lose control
Do they have any feelings?
Every one’s a business man
Trying to make some money on your head
Or steal your love away!

Chorus 2:
Oh that’s the bottom line
I can’t take it anymore
the promise you made to me
Will never see the day
It’s a shame
But you don’t mind
Betraying everybody
for your precious money!!!
just stop oppressing me
you have no right
Soon everyone will hate you
Abuse of power
Can make you feel
like you truly own the world
but someday, you will fall

Just stop oppressing me
i can’t stand the pressure
you put on me, please, please
stop oppressing me..


from The Balance Of It All, released June 10, 2012
Patrick Fortin: Pianos/Vocals/Backing vocals/Arrangements
Jean-Sebastien Goyette: Drums/Percs/Backing vocals/Arrangements/Mixing
Francois Julien: Classical, electric, acoustic guitars
Francis Demontigny: Acoustic, electric guitars
Jean-Philippe Lambert: Bass



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Gaïa Sin Phonic Montréal, Québec

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