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Gaïa Sin Phonic - One Last Day

When was the warning?
Is this the end of our lives?
Is it time for us?
Is this a nightmare?
Someone awake us in time
Before the reaper comes

Verse 1
One last day
And so much left to say
I suddenly regret all the pain
I made to others
All those things I did
MOSTLY those I should have done
Carrying the weight
of this tragic knowledge
Knowing this world will end tonight
What would you do?
If you knew you had only one last day?

Chorus 1
Save me
Guide me
Heal me
Could this be the last day?
Can you take this away?

Verse 2
One last day
No more time left to pray
It’s hard to say goodbye
when you didn’t plan to leave
All those dreams you had
All the sacrifices you made
Leaving your love
in this saddest moment
Knowing tomorrow
will never come
What would you do?
If you knew you had
only one last day

Chorus 2
Where would you go?
If there’s no more road
No more sun to light your way
No distance to get away
No escape
Save me
Guide me
Heal me
Could this be the last day?

So, What do you want to do last?
With Only 24 hours to go
Before the end of days
How would you say goodbye
to those you love?
Unfair and surprising
Here’s the moment
We have all feared
The time when our true gift
Will be taken away from us
Back to dust
Hope is lost
Take my hand
Love me until the end
Hey, that was a warning
go on and enjoy your life
Before time runs out

Guitar solo/Outro
So the next time
you feel like giving up on life
When all your hope
seems to weaken by despair
Think about the chance
that you have to be alive
And know that things
could always be worse
Nobody should have to choose
the day they die
While the innocent face
their undeserved death
By the hands of the murderer
in a tragic accident
By an incurable disease
Your life could end in a flash
without knowing
why It was your turn
Why it was your time
It’s always when you lose it
that you truly miss it
And the end comes too soon…


from The Balance Of It All, released June 10, 2012
Patrick Fortin: Pianos/Vocals/Backing vocals/Arrangements
Jean-Sebastien Goyette: Drums/Percs/Backing vocals/Arrangements/Mixing
Francois Julien: Classical, electric, acoustic guitars
Francis Demontigny: Acoustic, electric guitars
Jean-Philippe Lambert: Bass



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Gaïa Sin Phonic Montréal, Québec

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