Walking Upright

from by Gaïa Sin Phonic

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Gaïa Sin Phonic - Walking Upright

Verse 1
Billion years in the making
Defined the world that we see
Glorified by the rays of lights
The earth was brought to life
It first appeared in the waters
Than shaped itself
to reach the land
In all the species
that had come to be
Expanding from life itself

Pre chorus
An ever-changing world
was made alive
It’s evolution
Breaking into time

So it evolved from then
From the cells of the land
Transition of this life
We can barely explain
When began the story
And sadly, how it ends
So many theories

Out of the blue,
appeared a creature
who could think
by what it’s own mind created
As they began to plan and innovate
Walking upright, communicate

Jazz bridge
It’s the new way of walking
and the groove is getting louder
The first cave painting
prove their growing visions
No longer will they be afraid of
playing with fire
“This flaming light
will burn our enemies”

Guitar solo/Verse 2
They have crafted the spear
To be the ultimate hunter
As they spread
all across the globe
Before the continent shattered
Moved from cave to construction
The wheel is turning and helped
them move the stones
In all the cultures
that had come to be
From village to empire

But still some mysteries remain
THE evolution
To the kingdom of mankind

No need to harmonize
With the world that Has made them
Nothing stands in the way
Of the beast who could think
They have riseN in the sky
Through the frontiers of space
For a glimpse of infinity

Everything was going on
so perfectly
Before men claimed
the crown of the earth
Their intellect
has proven no respect
No need to merge, to be as one
has the truth been hidden from us?
the origin of mankind

We can’t go back to change
the walk of evolution
The time is now
it’s in the hands of men
A strange mix of love, hate
creation and destruction
Let’s hope they live in peace


from The Balance Of It All, released June 10, 2012
Patrick Fortin: Pianos/Vocals/Backing vocals/Arrangements
Jean-Sebastien Goyette: Drums/Percs/Backing vocals/Arrangements/Mixing
Francois Julien: Classical, electric, acoustic guitars
Francis Demontigny: Acoustic, electric guitars
Marco Piche: Bass



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Gaïa Sin Phonic Montréal, Québec

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